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Family favorite Baklava Salmon for Christmas Eve dinner

15 Jan

Baklava Salmon

This recipe was in my standard shuffle of dinner recipes for quite a few years.  After the switch to the primal lifestyle the masses still requested “Baklava salmon,” and it converted even better than the original, in my humble opinion! We have a “Christmas salmon fish,” as my kids deem it, every year on Christmas Eve and this debuted once again. Paired with curried sweet potato/carrot soup (recipe to follow in a future post), some roasted sweet potato “fries” for my daughter who will not put anything remotely spicy to her lips, and Everyday Paleo’s holiday brussels sprouts, it was the perfect holiday celebration meal!

1/4 cup butter or coconut oil (either yields yummy results)
1 1/2 TBsp honey
3 TBsp dijon mustard (or your favorite mustard)
1/4 cup almond flour/nut flour
1/4 cup walnuts finely chopped (pistachios, pecans or a combo also work well)
1/4 tsp salt
4 salmon filets (wild caught preferred)

    1. Preheat oven to 400
    2. Combine melted butter/coconut oil, mustard and honey, set aside
    3. Combine almond flour/meal, nuts and salt
    4. Place salmon on baking pan lined with non-stick foil
    5. Brush salmon with the creamy mixture
    6. Heavily sprinkle the tops with the nut mixture and press into sides
    7. Bake salmon for 12-15min until desired doneness.
    8. Enjoy, hopefully as much as my family does!

Original non-primal recipe for “Baklava Salmon” from here

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