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My Favorite Things for this Family of 7

I thought long and hard whether or not to write about our 2017 family motto: This is a family, and family means that no one gets to do what they want to do.   It would be therapeutic for me to unpack all that statement has meant.  But it would be a downer.  Instead, I am

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The 3-Line Script that Overcomes Every “BUT MOM!”

I came into parenting fully thinking that I don’t owe a child any explanations when it comes to their obedience.  They better execute mission without asking questions.  Actually, I want to see them pop into the position of attention, sound off with a “Yes Ma’am,” and move out smartly to take care of business. Errr–that’s

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Why I No Longer Pray for Patience in Parenting

I don’t learn my life-lessons that quickly.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just read some instructions in a book, the close the cover, walk away and say to myself “got it, I will never make that mistake again.”  I usually have to walk the road–the long way–for any lessons to truly internalize.  This is a

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