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Chocolate Kahlua Banana Torte

I have a fabulous recipe for a kahlua chocolate cake that is probably about one of the most unhealthy things you can choose to eat.  It has been known to give me a three-day sugar migraine.  So it’s VERY tasty, because the risk can sometimes seem worth the cost.  The other day I had a

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Hawaiian Wedding Cake

This was inspired by my Grammy’s signature “Hawaiian Wedding Cake” that she would make for my mom every year on her birthday. Knowing I had a lot to live up to, I tried my own version when my mom came up for a visit. The verdict was….she LOVED it! It turned out to be a

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Quick “Lara” Balls

I love having primal snacks on hand for my children!  Ok, for myself too.  These little no-bakes are absolutely delicious as a dessert or snack.  Even though they  have no added sugar, my non-primal neighbor told me that they tasted like cookie dough!  Here is my go-to recipe for those of you who need exact

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