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Recover yourself

9 Feb

Perhaps it was “Barbara” Monday with GHD sit-ups or just a combination of a leg/hip flexor heavy week last week, but I was in need of some major mobility work yesterday. As vital as it is, I am definitley guilty of not paying enough attention to this area of my fitness until something is particularly bothering me. So, let’s make today the day we start caring more about our mobility–it will pay off in strength gains and recovery time, and keep you a well-oiled machine throughout the prime of your life!

The first two below are what I did yesterday, and the rest are some of my favorites you might want to work into your fitness routine as well:

For your quads/hip flexors— usually do this one without the band, but wow-try it with the band sometime

The foam roller is your friend--use it

For your rotator cuffs— introduced to this last week for the first time and I cannot stop doing it anytime I see 2.5lb plates lying around

For shoulder mobility–the shoulder dislocates are familiar to most, but the pole press is a must try

For your shoulder mobility x2–this one is great for keeping your shoulders active at the top of a press and keeping the bar in your frontal plane as you push overhead (to combat the dreaded rainbow arc which we are all guilty of at some point!)

For your hips–great to incorporate into your warmup

I will leave you with something my husband reminds me of at least weekly….if you have the guts (he uses a term not quite as eloquent!) to train hard, you gotta have the guts to recover!

Happy mobilizing,


Mobility resources:
Mobility WOD
Mark Sisson on joint mobility

*Do you have any favorite mobility exercises? Feel free to share in the comments section, we are all on this  journey together!

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