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Type III Diabetes…a.k.a. Alzheimers?

18 Feb

You have to watch this fantastic report regarding neurological disorders and insulin problems.  Fascinating.  Makes you want to invest in coconut oil, like now.

I dug a little deeper and found this article on the inflammation caused by sugar, as well as this article, which goes along seamlessly with the case study in the video.  Without geeking out on you too much, the gist of both studies reveal that insulin (i.e. the body’s sugar control) disorders have a measurable effect on brain cell dysfunction.

According to Robb Wolf, this video reporter needs to clarify her observations and data a little further.  But, I couldn’t help but be thrilled to hear this.   Why is this not headline news??!!

Not only is the door now open to finding a treatment for this devastating disease, but it is clear that we can potentially prevent our own neurological degeneration just by eating a clean diet.   Even if you are genetically susceptible to Alzheimer’s or other neuro disorders, the least you can do for yourself is to make sure your diet is working to your advantage!

I originally started on this Paleo path for optimal performance at the gym…as well as mood-disorder issues.  I am relieved to have found a natural way to alleviate my symptoms, if not suppress them all together.  It has been so satisfying to take control of my nutrition and to ensure that I am not willingly ingesting food that adversely affects my mental health.

Did you need yet another reason to clean it up?  Decline that bread basket at the Outback, and pour your Coke down the drain.

Enjoy your journey!

*thanks to Coach at Gladiatorivs CF/CCFFH for the input

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