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The 3-Line Script that Overcomes Every “BUT MOM!”

I came into parenting fully thinking that I don’t owe a child any explanations when it comes to their obedience.  They better execute mission without asking questions.  Actually, I want to see them pop into the position of attention, sound off with a “Yes Ma’am,” and move out smartly to take care of business. Errr–that’s

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Scrolling and the Art of Restraint

Do you think I kept my new years resolution of going a year without reading social media?  The answer is no.  I went about two and a half months.  Then in October, I went another month.  That’s it. Frankly, I kind of HAD to get back on when I did, we were moving.  I mean,

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Avoiding White Noise like it’s White Sugar

My new years resolution for 2017 was to go a year without scrolling social media and the warplike vortex that can be the internet.  I liken it to mind sugar: it’s addictive and sadly can become degenerative.  I am only a month in, but I have already gathered a few thoughts to share. For the past

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