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Just say no to flip-flops

21 Mar

My husband showed me this video from Mobility WOD a year ago and proclaimed that we should never wear flip-flops again. I didn’t think much of it at the time because we were living in California, and I selfishly did not want to give up sporting my Chacos year round.

Fast forward to next Spring. My feet have been in some form of boot or shoe for the Winter and when the weather reached record highs this week in NY, I caved and broke out my Chaco flips. Let me tell you….after yesterday, I’m going along with my husband and never wearing flip-flops again.

A couple short walks to and from my kid’s school lead to random “charley horses” in the arches of my feet for the remainder of the evening and slightly swollen ankles.  I have a feeling my body was trying to tell me something!

I encourage you to check out the video, but this is basic run-down of what happens to your feet when you wear flip-flops:

you clench your toes to keep your shoes on plantar fascia at the bottom of your foot shortens  calf muscles get tight and stressed  ankle mobility issues  achilles pain  knee pain  sciatic nerve pain

I’m not telling you to forego your flip-flops all together, but maybe save them for walks from your beach chair to the pool this Summer. Below are my favorite ways to beat the flip-flop blues and save my feet and legs for more important things like 400s, box jumps, and burpees!

-Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers
-Toms (they have nice “air conditioned” versions new for Spring and ballet flats!)
-Chacos with the back strap
-Converse Chucks
-New Balance Minimus
-Keen Sandals with the back strap or full heel
-Going barefoot in my yard or short jaunts to the park on clean streets
-When in doubt, do the toe test (if you scrunch your toes at all, search for a model with more support!)

Happy Spring,


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