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What in the world is for breakfast (Part 1)

24 Jan

Egg "bowl" of collard greens and salsa verde

Egg, kale and tomato scramble

One of the biggest questions I seem to get lately is about breakfast. Dinner can be easy….pick a meat, pick some veggies and you’re done, but for some reason breakfast remains puzzling to many.  I have a stash of great primal breakfast options for weekends or special occasions when there is more time (primal pancakes, waffles, quiches, veggie-loaded omelets, frittatas, and so on–stay tuned for future posts!) but every day during the school/work week I have the same thing:

3 eggs


-4 cups of raw kale or collard greens lightly sautéed in olive oil, coconut oil, or butter
-two chopped tomatoes lightly sautéed
or,  1/2 cup of a good salsa

I pair that with a half an apple and a bit of almond butter and I’m set until lunch. Try it. Take a giant leap away from cereal and toast.  I promise it is fast, easy and you will feel great knowing you front loaded so many super foods into your morning!



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