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Prepare Yourself.

3 Jun

I have to admit my eating habits are on the downswing right now.  With the onset of summer, thank-you baking, and house guests, the level of  “paleo” desserts in my world is through the roof.  I do not believe that cookies and cupcakes and muffins are paleo.  They are calorically dense, bender-inducing cheats.  That’s just me.  And I don’t want to lead anyone into thinking that those items are going to catapult you to optimum health.

With that said, “paleo” cookies, muffins, cakes and confections have their place.  They satisfy that need for something sweet, they bridge the gap from the old way of eating, they are an awesome option for celebrations that call for confections, and they are healthiER than full sugar, flour-based products.  

Sometimes it is nice to have those options in the house for whatever the reason.  But let me tell you.  In a contest between paleo chocolate chip cookies and roasted broccoli…the cookies always dominate.  Every.  Time.  Turns out that lately, when I AM hungry, I am not making good choices 😦  and instead of calming down, spending the time chopping and preparing a healthful snack, I am going to whatever is fastest.  

So, I am not motivated to be eating my veggies like I am supposed to.  I wanted to tell you that in order to combat the lure of the cookies and the muffins, the nuts and the nut butter with bananas, I have had to resort to making a big, in-case-of-emergency salad ahead of time.  When I am NOT hungry.

It’s working.

It’s really not anything groundbreaking, but I will share the steps.  Cut up all your salad toppings ahead of time.  They will last a good 5-7 days (sealed tightly), in your refrigerator.  Have it all peeled, washed and dried, and diced, and seasoned and ready.  Dice the meat and hard boiled eggs.  Do not leave one step for yourself, or you will lose your focus in the heat of the moment when you have hit the hunger wall, and turn to something faster and sweeter.

When the time comes, you will thank yourself.  All that fresh produce I purchased is way more enjoyable before it is halfway wilted and slimy anyway.

Keep at it!

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