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Getting Started 2nd edition

My local gym is about to embark on a 6 week paleo challenge so I thought it would be an appropriate time to re-visit some how- to-get-started tips and tricks. The process does not always have to be “cold turkey,” but I’m going to focus on that strategy this time. Plus, I’m a very all

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Pumpkin Time!

I love the start of fall. The annoying bugs are gone, the sun is warm, and the air is cool. Reminds me that life could be like this everyday if we never left Monterey, but one can only dream! I digress. And, of course, pumpkins. They’re not only the mascots of fall but happen to

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Life Lessons from the Ranch

My husband and I had the amazing opportunity of spending a week at the JH Ranch near Etna, CA for a Husband and Wife Adventure. It’s an exquisite place where the air just feels thinner and you are free from all modern-day distractions. The theme is having an everlasting adventure and the goal is to

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