Category: Motivation

Getting Back on Track

It’s that time of year! It’s so predictable.  Americans have officially established a final holiday tradition–and it seems participation is almost obligatory.  To close out the season, we vow to clean up the diet as soon as that ball drops.  It’s become faddish–especially in the functional fitness community–to regularly schedule a “Whole 30” or a

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Your Garage Gym

  I am very blessed to have an awesome CrossFit gym super close to my home filled with great people, great equipment, and great camaraderie where I can both train and coach. That wasn’t always the case and there are seasons in life when a solid garage gym serves you well.  My top reasons for

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Cultivating Choosy Children

Considering the abundance of creature comforts and food choices in our country, it should be an easy no-brainer to just feed our children good food. What makes it not easy? We are inundated with tempting and unhealthy foods constantly, and somehow there is guilt associated with saying “no” to the day-after-day junk.  Why is this such

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