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Retrospective on Purity Culture

Over the past few weeks I have done a double-take on Purity Culture. For anyone who is unaware, “Purity Culture” burgeoned in the ‘80s and ‘90s evangelical youth groups around America. The “True Love Waits” message permeated the Christian subculture via conferences, retreat weekends, media and merch. Essentially, Purity Culture taught that we must wait

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God Doesn’t Cancel His People.  He Cancels their Sin.

There is something beyond sinister about today’s burgeoning cancel culture. Are we really attempting to create a society that mandates that everyone have a perfect track record of speech and behavior? I am all for progress, no doubt about it.  And people need to be held accountable for their actions. But it raises the question:

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Don’t Google God.

Over the past weeks, I’ve engaged with three different people seeking out the Christian faith.  Nothing excites me more than to point people to the One True God!  It’s my favorite thing.  Interestingly, all three interactions left me feeling impulsive. I wanted to clutch these earnest seekers by the shoulders and urgently shout, “Stay off

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