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Homeschooling Mom of 4 Makes it to The Games

You heard me right. If you’re following CrossFit games this year, zero in on Christy Runey.  She’s about to be 50, has only CrossFitted for 5 years, and has no $1,000 certifications (yet).   Christy maintains cast-iron faith; she’s a West Point Woman(class of 91), an Army Veteran, an Army spouse of more than two decades, a

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Your Garage Gym

  I am very blessed to have an awesome CrossFit gym super close to my home filled with great people, great equipment, and great camaraderie where I can both train and coach. That wasn’t always the case and there are seasons in life when a solid garage gym serves you well.  My top reasons for

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Start with the WHY

I watched this video clip the other day that inspired/spiraled into a long conversation with my husband about goals for the New Year, habits, and getting on the same page as a couple and as parents. New Years Eve is stressful for me and probably a lot of other people. Yes, it’s a perfect time

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