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Lessons Learned from a Trench of Loss.

Some of you may know that I experienced another miscarriage in March. I was 17 weeks. Here is a photo of our little baby at our 15 week ultrasound, apparently healthy and kicking 🙂 Sadly, two weeks later, I learned she had passed away. The private side of me wants to keep all this experience

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Thriving in Motherhood (and other demanding seasons of life).

THRIVING in motherhood. Moms, did this title grab you?! Surely by now, they have come up with just two or three steps that I can adopt, which will help me pull it all together, so that I can proudly say “I got this.” And THEN, I’ll sit down, put my feet up and read my

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I am Giving Myself Permission to Grieve Freely

I have walked through my share of very disappointing situations recently.  One thing is for sure: the stuff I have been going through is NOTHING compared to what other people have gone through in their respective lives.   I’ve tried to maintain perspective and not really let myself get too down–because I know that my

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