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About Leigh

I am a 40-something wife to the husband of the century.  Girl mom.  Boy mom.  I learn a LOT about the newness of the Grace of God each day.  I thrive on my faith, my relationship with my husband, clean food, and overall wellness.  Our home is the prime focus of my life.  I am constantly asking God for wisdom about ways to make it my family’s refuge of faith, knowledge, freedom, and comfort.  Trying to be a jack-of-all-trades has proven to be rather exhausting.  Now, I focus my efforts on becoming really good at fewer, more important things. 

Aside from life’s main priorities, I’ll admit a few things.  I don’t leave the house without makeup on.   There is a hole in my heart that I constantly try to stuff with friends, dark chocolate and coffee.  I live with chronic RBF.  I am *barely* surviving the process of raising five children.  Bethel on the daily.  Fleetwood Mac when I am sentimental.  Alice in Chains when I’m stressed.  Lecrae and Thousand Foot Crutch in the gym. 

Contact me anytime:  leighgust {at} gmail {dot} com


About Heather

Wife, Mom, Teacher, Coach, Athlete, Empath, Learner, and Advocate navigating parenthood, neurodiversity, fitness, wellness, and faith. While started as a way to share our passion for clean eating and CrossFit, now has become a part of me I don’t want to let go. A reminder to stay driven. A connection to one of my favorite people in this world (that would be Leigh, who does most of the writing these days!).

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” Albert Camus

CrossFit Level 1 – January 2012
CrossFit Level 2 – February 2017
CrossFit Kids Coach-June 2016
Military Athlete Certified Coach – September 2012




24 comments on “About Us”

  1. Impressive Leigh! Cannot wait to see what you post on this blog. Already found two recipes I want to try. And now I am inspired to try cross fit. I know everyone loves it, but I am stuck on trekking at the gym. Maybe this will inspire me to go give it a try.


    1. Leslie! Trekking is hard to find, and the only group fitness class I have ever truly enjoyed! As long as you are enjoying your exercise, that is what is most important. But, try CrossFit, you will love it, it builds your strength and speed so quickly. Thanks for reading!


  2. Amazing Leigh! I always knew you were!!! I love CrossFit and can’t wait to keep on your blog. You girls look amazing 🙂


  3. Hello to you both!

    I was recommended by one of my teachers to talk to you and see if your group was interested or knew other wife’s interested to participate in the USMA Relay for Life event April 13th, 2012 since it is a fitness oriented!

    Please contact me if you are interested. I know the cadets would be really excited to see the USMA community out there participating since you are a well known group around here!

    thank you for any response.

    Love the recipes btw. Tried to do a couple of them in the barracks:P Didn’t look as nice as they are in the pictures though…


  4. Leigh, great site and great sounding recipes, can’t wait to try them. When’s your cookbook coming out? Hannah says your a great cook.


    1. Lori, thanks for reading!! I love that you are a CrossFitter. Next time you are at West Point, you must come see us. Hannah is a beautiful young woman. I just love having the chance to know her here.


  5. Aloha Leigh,
    I had to comment on your blog…your stories are very amazing and inspiring!

    If you have not heard, I’m at Ft. Lee attending the short ILE course. I’ll be here until the end of the summer. After reading your blog, I was very inspired to comment and share your blog with my classmates. As you know, I have a big family of my own and being at Ft. Lee without them has given me the time to truly self reflect on my life (spiritual, emotional and physically). After reading your narrative, I can say that I’m also constantly asking God for wisdom about ways to make it my family’s refuge of faith, knowledge, freedom, and comfort. Since I have the time here, it’s my goal to improve on my spiritual, emotional and physical domain before I head to my next unit. After self reflecting about my physical domain, I noticed that I needed to improve my diet. I always wanted to get into the paleo diet but did not really know much about it besides being informed that Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic and seeing Eric eat a bake chicken from time to time;) I also believe that the paleo diet can be part of my family’s life but do not know enought about it to introduce it to my family…help? Once again, your stories are awesome and very inspiring. I will be using your recipe in the future and be sharing your blog with my classmates. Below are a couple of questions that I have for you.
    1. How has the diet benefited you and your family?
    2. I currently live in a hotel that do not have a stove or oven. Do you have any recipes that only require a microwave?
    3. Is there anyone who SHOULDN’T go on the Paleo diet?

    Take care & God Speed
    `jR Borce

    *The opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my classmates or the US Army.


    1. JR. You were gone on the midnight train! To answer your questions briefly (though I could write forever on this).

      The diet has improved our athletic performance, energy levels, digestion, sleep, and physical appearance. It improved my mental health. I also love knowing that I am doing the best I can for my overall health by taking responsibility for my nourishment.

      I got my kids eating this way by not making a big deal out of it. They eat clean at home, and have freedom to eat whatever they are served out in the world (birthday parties, bbqs etc.) We sometimes “cheat” on the weekends. i.e. we’ll get a pizza, sub etc. We don’t really cheat with sugar anymore, because the dose of sugar in a milkshake for example absolutely destroys us.

      Living in a hotel can be hard but it is do-able. Do you have access to a grill? Once a week, grill up all the meat you will need and keep in in the fridge. I honestly would buy a plug-in burner, a pot for boiling (eggs), and a frying pan (sauteeing everything). I would not enjoy eating on microwaved protein…but it will do in a pinch… You can microwave your veggies and toss them with olive oil and your favorite seasoning. I will be thinking of other microwave ideas. Living in a hotel is hard because REAL food is inherently perishable. But it’s just as quick to run into the commisary and grab a rotisserie chicken/deli meat and apples and almonds, as it is to stand in line at Burger King. You just have to make that mental shift.

      I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I would say that most everyone can go on to paleo, barring any food allergies, because these are our God-given food sources. If you are engaging in excessive bouts of endurance exercise (90+min at a time) I would say you might feel the need to increase your carbohydrates with higher glycemic vegetables like sweet potatoes, squashes, and fruit. But once you transition over completely, you will be able to decipher your needs a little better.

      Good Luck!! I am sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye!! Thanks for reading!


      1. Leigh, thanks for the reply. I currently do not have a grill, but I’ll be purchasing a George Foremen grill in the future. I also talked to Kekai about starting the family on this diet. If you don’t mind, can she call you about any questions she may have? By the way, my instructor and a few of my classmates read your site and really enjoyed it. Thanks again for the comment and I look forward to using your recipe in the future…jR


  6. Thank you! I realize it’s more of a concept than a recipe, but a reader saw my picture of mine on Facebook and asked for the recipe. Honestly, I was just to lazy and newborn sleep deprived to type the whole thing up myself! Lol!


  7. I am a budding paleolithic eater trying to be a strong and healthy mom of 2 young boys and a wife to a cold cereal lover. I suffered from being overweight my whole life and I’m looking to balance everything. Can I gain prime fitness with only 3 hours/week of dedicated gym time? I love your blog and look forward to your suggestions!


    1. Michelle, they say that your fitness is 80 percent diet, and only 20 percent exercise. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym to get where you want to be. It is against conventional wisdom, and you have give your clean diet a chance to do its work. On the days you cannot do metabolic conditioning (i.e running/walking/swimming/biking), body weight resistance training is very effective. If you have a chance to do air squats, pushups, dips, full range-of-motion situps, walking lunges, etc, you will begin to gain flexibility, strength, stamina, and best of all muscle tone. 🙂 Regarding your diet, don’t look back. Saying “no” to foods that work against you mentally, emotionally, and physically will begin to get easier and easier. There is so much freedom when you are not addicted to these ridiculous “foods” that they are always trying to sell to us to get our money. Stay the course! Eating clean is the one of the best things you can do for yourself, and it does effect those around you! Thanks for reading! –Leigh


  8. Couldn’t have said it better, Leigh! There are many people who spend countless hours in the gym with less than desirable results because their diet is not in check. Go for quality workouts three days a week, try to walk and play with your kids as much as possible in between, eat clean, and the results will come.
    I like Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Fitness as a starting point. It’s short, to the point and builds a base for the foundational movements you need to start incorporating CrossFit type workouts into your routine.
    Again, thanks for reading and come back and visit again!


  9. I like your attitude and approach, very inspiring! Would love to learn more and get some new ideas to incorporate into our family life! =) Thanks, ladies!


  10. Hi there,

    I’m writing to you on behalf of FastPaleo.com to see if you would be interested in sharing some of your recipes with us. We’re a recipe sharing site with a database of more than 2,500 recipes and constantly growing. Every time you upload a recipe we post to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and of course we always link back to you. We also do special blogger shoutouts on Facebook, thus creating lots of traffic for your blog.

    To upload a recipe, simply go to FastPaleo.com and follow the instructions! Would love to see your name pop up there soon!

    By the way, I’m a homeschooling mom as well. 🙂 Always great to hook up with others.



  11. I think I finally might have managed to subscribe! Love your posts, Leigh. And I’m right there with ya on team RBF… Which my gentler associates refer to as looking “focused”


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