I love ALL food


I am interested in maintaining this blog in spite of the fact that I am not in the same place I was when we began back in 2012.  Last year, it seemed it was about time we took it down, because I think we posted about twice all year, but something kept us from it.  I like it here, I feel like this is where I can spill my mind to the public without blowing up people’s Facebooks.

Every time The Prime Pursuit posts something non-food related, we lose followers and that makes me sad.  I know with blogging we are supposed to have a niche and stick to it.  But, it turns out that while my passion for telling people about primal food has waned, my enjoyment of getting my thoughts on “paper” is still there.

The bottom line is that I just don’t want to be put in a box one way or another.  I still eat healthfully as much as I can reasonably manage it in a house of seven people.  I am sorry, but I bristled at being “the paleo lady” because I just don’t want to be restricted by any labels.  I love ALL food.  You’re going to see me downtown eating a fat cheeseburger with fries, because food categories and amounts don’t own me.  One really nice thing about the Army lifestyle is leaving the old labels behind and starting fresh.

So here I am.  I have five kids now.  I have lots to say about that, and I want to discuss healthful living, intuitive eating, getting back on track with exercise after two back-to-back pregnancies, and the daily-discipline of sorting priorities.  I hope you’ll stay with us in spite of the fact that I declared myself free from food-related trademarks.

I think we can keep our blog title, because don’t we all desire to remain in the prime of life…?  I will still share primal recipes as I find them but will you forgive me if I post a cake recipe that has been made with AP flour?  I have a good one, you need it in your repetoire!!

With humble honesty,


12 comments on “I love ALL food”

  1. I have fallen off the paleo wagon, with nothing like pregnancies or toddlers to account for it. I’m glad you will continue to blog, and hope you share ideas on how to help (trick!) your kids into loving coconut milk or almond flour/protein pancakes without syrup. But really I would like to see how you begin and maintain a healthy dietary and exercise balance without being militant, which is my biggest problem.


    1. Lisa, kind words! My kids love cool whip/whipped cream and they don’t complain when I make them use that as a substitute for sugary syrup…I think it is a reasonable swap that is still “fun” for them which definitely matters.


  2. Please keep blogging! U were my first site I found and enjoyed your “real life” experiences. You are. It some sort of” body builder, Ross for professional, but real people who enjoy life, family, food and experiences that most people if they dig deep can relate. I wish I had some sort of profound words and examples to share with you, but what you are doing is so real and I thank you for being something I can follow and relate to. God bless you both !
    Thanks again- Jayme


    1. Thanks Jayme, what kind words you are sharing. I will write as I get the inspo…I just dont have time or the desire to make blogging my focus. I am not going to go to food styling school or upgrade from my iphone camera, that is just not real life…but i appreciate your sweet words and i hope you are doing well.


  3. Yay!!!! Always encouraged by anything you write!! Can’t wait to read more about your thoughts and any recipes that you post! I’m a foodie too 🙂


  4. I love this blog and I love your honesty. I encourage you to keep up the pursuit! Whatever that looks like! We love hearing from you and Heather!


  5. Love your honesty and reading your blogs! Keep posting! I still use your recipes and look forward to all of your future recipes, whatever they are😊.


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