Liquid Breakfast.


I am not a proponent of smoothies.  Drinking calories, as it were.  In my heart, I feel that smoothies can be sugary calorie bombs, without providing satiety.  I scoff at the Vitamix guy at Costco making them for people, proclaiming the health benefits…then when no one is looking he caps it off with a 1/2 cup of agave.

Enter 4th child.  This season of life, I am looking for time hacks around every corner.  I have perfected the art of the 40-second shower, stopped folding our laundry, and (gasp!) started drinking my breakfast.

Because the days of softly scrambled eggs topped with natural sausage, over sautéed greens and sliced avocado are gone for a while.  Sorry breakfast, you are not a life-event anymore.

It’s so handy!  It’s only taken me 100 tries to get it to taste right.  🙂  My hubby and I drink this a few times a week now.  We tweak it with a spoonful of nut butter here and there, and I always throw in my prenatal vitamins.  They are the worst.

Pile these ingredients into the blender in the following order:

1. 3/4 c milk of your preference
2. 1/2 c cottage cheese (sorry–dairy.  Sub 1/2 avocado, but up the liquid.)
3. 1 c greens (packed & overflowing out of the cup)
4. 1 frozen banana broken into 3 pieces
5. 1/2 c frozen mango–or any frozen fruit

Blend until smooth.

 Vitamix is nice and fastest, but it is not necessary.  Greens? Check.  Potassium?  Check.  Protein? Check.  Breakfast done, and well-rounded enough for me.  Carpe diem!

Kid Approved. Alternatively titled: Got Smoothie?
This is the same recipe, substituting the blueberries with mango.
This is the same recipe, I used blueberries instead of mango.

4 comments on “Liquid Breakfast.”

  1. I loved the part of your 40 second shower and not folding laundry anymore… That really cracked me up! I relate!! Love the recipe!


    1. It might sound like I am whining about lost time, but I have found it to be entertaining to see where I can save precious moments throughout the day. I can’t believe how long I folded laundry before I realized it was completely useless…the kids dressers are trashed after they get dressed once. (I still fold my hubby’s, who has an appreciation for orderly dresser drawers)


    1. I LOVE the avocado in place of the dairy. My kids love smoothies, but they just want the sweet stuff in there. These are really good and perfect to fend off the “milkshake” style smoothie.

      PS – Couldn’t agree with you more about the laundry! That’s why our laundry room door just stays closed!


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