Start with the WHY

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simon-sinek-the-golden-circleI watched this video clip the other day that inspired/spiraled into a long conversation with my husband about goals for the New Year, habits, and getting on the same page as a couple and as parents. New Years Eve is stressful for me and probably a lot of other people. Yes, it’s a perfect time to set goals, dream dreams and start fresh on the things in your life that you wish you could change or you don’t like the direction that they are headed. At the same time though, it leaves me reminded of past goals and resolutions that were abandoned, which in turn makes me want to weep. Every year we say, “this year is going to be different,” but is it usually?

This year I challenge you to set  your goals from the inside out like Simon Sinek from the video challenges leaders to do in business. Start with the WHY. Start with a purpose. Start with a belief. The very things that keep us from sticking to the goals we so desperately want to keep, like trust, loyalty, heart and soul are on the inside, and completely responsible for decision-making in our limbic brain. Once you truly believe in the WHY, then you can move on the how and what.

Why is not a result. Why is not, “I am going to eat 100% paleo this year” or “I am going to lose ten pounds.” Why is a purpose. Why is, “I believe that my diet is directly related to my fitness and wellbeing,” “I know that eating clean is the best way to balance my hormones and achieve optimal health for me and my family” and “I know that (fill in the blank) causes stress in my life that I don’t need.”

For diet, I’m going to re-visit the root of the WHY behind clean eating: the science. For fitness, I’m re-evaluating my WHY.  I’ve realized my inspiration to pursue fitness doesn’t stem from linear progression towards new numbers-based goals, personal records, winning competitions, or comparing myself to others.  Those are all worthy reasons to exercise, and they work for a lot of people.  However, I am motivated to pursue fitness because being strong and fast brings me to my happy place, and makes me feel like a good role-model for my kids. I also truly believe in general physical preparedness, whether that is hiking with my family, stepping onto a 5.8 climb on the rock wall, knocking out whatever CrossFit WOD comes my way, or going along with whatever hare-brained adventures my husband comes up with for fun.

Happy New Year,


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