Holiday Baking

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The holidays are upon us and the baker inside of me is just screaming to create delicacies. This year I decided not to go too crazy because 1. paleo friendly ingredients for baking are expensive, and 2. my willpower against over-indulging is honestly not the best. I don’t flinch at a tray of conventional cookies or cakes, but when I personally bake with health-ier ingredients, a little bit of self-control is lost somewhere in the process! Regardless, it’s still fun to have dessert options and more importantly to share them with loved ones.

Here are three of my favorite no-fail recipes that everyone will love, and you will not waste any almond flour** experimenting. Thank you to Elana’s Pantry and Roost Blog for making my holiday baking so much easier for the past two years!

1. Elana’s Pantry Double Chocolate Mocha Cookies

  • Increase the ground coffee content to 3 Tbsp
  • Replace grapeseed oil with melted coconut oil
  • Increase the sea salt content to 3/4 tsp

2. Roost Blog Gingerbread

3. Elana’s Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Replace grapeseed oil with melted coconut oil or butter
  • Replace agave nectar with raw honey (sometimes I decrease the honey to 1/4 cup depending on my audience)
They even make great holiday gifts!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours,


**I always have the best luck with JK Gourmet and Honeyville almond flours. They are worth ordering, despite the convenience of other store brands.

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