Do You Miss Cold Cereal?


I came across this idea and recipe  last night on the CrossFit BelAir website, and I was so excited that I ran to the kitchen and threw it together as fast as I could!

My hubby is a HUGE fan of cereal, it was one of the hardest things for him to give up.  He has been eating mixed nuts with raisins and almond milk for years now, and it just feels–wrong!  Yeah, so this is basically the same thing, but it seems better.  🙂

Also, I really love having cereal-like foods for the kids because they love the variety!  And because it has a high caloric density, I know it will keep them fueled all morning.

This is fast, sweet, savory, nutty, crunchy and comforting.  It’s like a muesli, or a granola, and it was absolutely divine smothered in creamy, coconutty, milky goodness.

Here is what I did–no measuring!

one-half apple cored and roughly diced

handful of sliced almonds

handful of pitted, chopped dates

handful of unsweetened coconut 

generous dose of cinnamon; 1 pinch of salt

Pulse in the food processor to desired consistency–smaller is better for the little ones!  Serve with almond milk, or creamy coconut milk.  (Taste of Thai brand, preferably!)

Thanks to Don & Mel, and CFBA!

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22 comments on “Do You Miss Cold Cereal?”

  1. YUMMY!!!! I actually don’t like cereal, but, this looks tastey and i’m going to try it for snack… minus the “milk” 🙂 can’t wait!

    🙂 Amanda


  2. Instead of using coconut or almond milk, this morning I used 3 heaping Tbsp of my favorite protein powder (hammer 100% whey vanilla) with water. For me, this is the practical way to enjoy this yummy snack and still get the protein I need for a meal!


  3. This was fantastic!! Thank you! I made a really large portion and spread it out on a baking sheet lined with parchment, left the oven door open slightly & baked on a low temp (170) for a few hours. It kept fresh in the pantry for several days. Yummmm


  4. Yowser! This cereal is awesome! If there’s one thing I’ve missed more than anything since starting my paleo diet is a bowl of cereal and cold milk. Since discovering the joy and fun of making almond milk the other day, I’ve been on a quest of a paleo-compliant cereal that would taste great. This more than fit the bill! I actually made a much larger batch up and have put it in a canning jar to have it readily available to eat for breakfast each morning, although it’s pretty fast to make on its own. Thank you!


    1. Great feedback!! I am so glad you tried it. I did find that the leftovers are less crunchy–I think the juice from the apple makes things soften a little…but it still tastes just as good. 🙂 Thanks for letting us know! –Leigh


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