Life Lessons from the Ranch


My husband and I had the amazing opportunity of spending a week at the JH Ranch near Etna, CA for a Husband and Wife Adventure. It’s an exquisite place where the air just feels thinner and you are free from all modern-day distractions. The theme is having an everlasting adventure and the goal is to take your faith to a whole new level. We went in super psyched about the ropes courses we heard about, and came away re-born as individuals and as a couple–with life lessons that seem just too valuable not to share.

Discipline becomes desire. This applies to so many areas of life. I, of course, quickly relate it to diet and fitness, but it just as easily relates to everything from flossing your teeth to daily Scripture reading. What may seem tedious, tiring, difficult or boring at first can quickly become such a big part of your life that you find yourself needing it, rather than dreading it.

A life not evaluated is not worth living. Socrates had it right. It’s too easy to busy ourselves throughout each day and never take the time to ponder goals, successes, and failures. Don’t settle. Push a little further to determine what could be better and how you can get there. It was often quoted at the Ranch that “evaluation is the gateway to transformation” and it couldn’t be more true. If you’ve hit a plateau with your diet and fitness, record and track what you’re doing, and look for patterns and ways to improve. If your marriage seems more like a business partnership than a fairytale, dig deeper together to see what’s missing.
I constantly find myself puttering my way through the day because I’m too afraid to STOP and evaluate. I want to be more in touch with the Holy Spirit, but tie up my mind with email/chores/music. I want more from my workout routine, but I don’t take the time to habitually record my results. I’ve pretty much determined that I do this out of straight fear. I fear the results or perhaps lack of results. Don’t settle for the desert when you can have the Promised Land (thanks for your wisdom, Ruthie!)

You only live life once but if you live it right, once is enough.  This pretty much sums up the top two. They might take a bit of time and a whole lot of courage but lead to a more purposeful, joyful, and passion-filled life.


GPP is life in action. At the ranch we found ourselves climbing ropes and rope ladders, tangoing across tight ropes (sometimes blindfolded!), scurrying up 50ft poles and jumping to a bar 7 ft out and up, playing rodeo games, and rafting down the Klamath River.  GPP (General Physical Preparedness) kept running through my head as we tackled the daily fun.  If you’ve perused the CrossFit journal, or hung around a CrossFit gym long enough, you’ve probably heard the term. Basically, you should want your fitness regimen to serve you well in anything that life throws at you. If all you do is run, you’ll be decent at running. If all you do is lift weights, you’ll be good at lifting heavy things. If you do a little bit of everything fast and hard, you should be able to handle any workout, task, obstacle, game or challenge with a certain sense of ease.

You’re not always going to be in control. Of your food, that is. Before we signed in to the Ranch my husband asked me what I would do if they served chili-mac for lunch. After listening to me banter on about all the reasons I would absolutely refuse this hypothetical chili mac, he brought up some very good points. Will I become physically ill after eating chicken that touched some pasta? No. Will I break out in a horrible rash if I try the fancy dessert? No. Will I lose everything I’ve worked for the past two years with some breakfast grits? No. Will I appear ungrateful and elitist by outright refusing food that was so graciously prepared for me? Yes. I quickly learned to take what was given to me with a smile, decline the dinner roll, and make it work with a little help from the salad bar.

Life lessons are great but the challenge is implementing them into your life. For me, I started with a 6 week Scripture challenge and utilizing LogWod to record my workout notes (whether I like them or not!). What are some life lessons you live by? How do you keep them going?

Happy weekend,


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3 comments on “Life Lessons from the Ranch”

  1. So glad for the life changing experience that you had! Always great to walk away refreshed and having a renewed outlook on life! Thanks for sharing your heart!!!

    🙂 Amanda


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