Worry is so Over


To live consistently in the prime of your life, you have to self-analyze quite a bit, and resolve to refine your character. Bad habits are like weeds: they grow so quickly, out of nowhere, and there are so many! Bad food and sedentary lifestyle are just the tip of the bad-habit iceberg! We walk around with so many other little hangups.

I am going to be candid and share with you one of mine. If you know me, you know it pretty much defines me. I am Leigh, and I worry. I worry about pretty much everything–my WODs, my recipes, my children’s education, I will even pick up worrying about my neighbors and all their issues.

Bad. Habit.

When worry turns to fear, it cripples. This fear results in more bad habits: indecision and inaction.

Consider a few points about worry.

1. It steals your time and emotion. Every worry eats at you–BEFORE the dreaded event/circumstance is even here. Take heart! These fears may never be realized!!! I have learned this the hard way. I have white-knuckled so many things for long periods of time–only to find out that the dreaded circumstances never came to fruition. What a waste. And I would be lying if I said my condition didn’t have second and third order effects on my loved ones!

2. Worry is for people who don’t have faith. If I continually worry internally, yet outwardly declare that “God has everything under control,” then I am a hypocrite. Emotional atheism.

3. Why borrow trouble? Each day has enough trouble of its own!! When I worry about things that are not even here yet, I am willingly shouldering a burden that I am not (yet) called to bear. So, every time I choose to worry, its like picking up a giant suitcase meant for a trip next month, and carrying it around with you day after day. Put it down. Walk away. That stuff you are thinking about IS NOT TRUE FOR TODAY.

4. God loves you. He wants what is best for you and your loved ones. Rest in that truth. Sometimes he WILL deliver us from worrisome situations. Praise Him in those times. And other times you gotta walk the hard road. Call on Him in faith; His grace and strength does not run out. Go ahead and concede. You are not in control, anyway. That’s when an inexplicable peace will move in to guard your heart and mind. What a gift!

I just feel free-er. I have been playing victim to worry for too long–it’s over. I am ready to take responsibility for this infectious habit, and weed it out.

2 comments on “Worry is so Over”

  1. Thanks for your transparency!! I think we all have something that needs to be weeded out! And sometimes those roots are HARD to get out! But God’s grace will cover us 🙂 Love you friend!



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