Travel time


I just finished a big move.  Between the packing, loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking, the number of takeout/fast food meals was much more than I’d like to admit. In fact, when I finally got to break in my new kitchen last week you would have thought I was trying to poison my children with how they reacted towards eggs and bacon. A normally welcomed breakfast spoiled by lingering thoughts of diner pancakes and hotel MYO waffles.

Aside from a few too many dark chocolate chips in my trail mix, I managed to teeter on the 80/20 line. As for my kids, I let them be kids. Yes, it takes some adjustment on the other end but sometimes you just have to do what gets you through the moment. Have some high quality foods at the ready for the car and take the rest as it comes.

Here are some things I did to help us on our trek. Whether you’re moving or heading for a long vacation, hopefully these will help:

  • Make veggie chips from your perishable veggies with a dehydrator–thanks, Leigh!
  • Bake or grill up all the chicken in your freezer, cut into bite size pieces for snacking.
  • Blanch the rest of your perishable veggies for snacking.
  • Make a large batch of almond flour muffins. They stay fresh longer than coconut flour based muffins due to the lower egg content!
  • Make a batch of egg muffins for breakfasts and snacks.
  • Hard boil the rest of your eggs and take them with you. Peeling and eating a few got me through a long traffic spell on 95!
  • Make snack size trail mix bags or containers filled with almonds, dark chocolate and unsweetened coconut for when you’re feeling stressed and “deserve a treat.”

Because no one is perfect, this is how I best do fast food:

  • You can order just eggs at McDonalds and double or triple it. Add a side of bacon, sausage or apple slices if you want something more.
  • Fast food salads are generally pretty good. Opt for the grilled chicken, forego the dressing and crouton packets and you are good to go!
  • Diners are awesome for huge omelets filled with any kind of veggie you can think of.
  • There is always a salad on menus, even at a pizza place. Ask them to double the meat to keep you satisfied.
  • Order any type of meat you are craving on a menu, and ask to double the veggies instead of choosing another side.
  • For Chinese, opt for steamed meat and veggies with extra veggies instead of rice. Ask for the sauce on the side for some extra flavor instead of it being bathed.
  • Look for a Moe’s or Chipotle. My favorite places to MYO awesome salad with an array of yummy salsa to choose from. Added plus, they both serve high quality meats.
  • Don’t ever be afraid to ask for substitutions or extras. It is a restaurant’s job to accommodate the best they can. It may mean a few extra cents out of your pocket, but after all, health is wealth!

Fast forward one week later and we’re back on track. The kiddos understand what they get “on the road”, if you will, and what they get at home.  I took the new house opportunity to re-emphasize some old house rules:  1. Protein with every meal and snack, 2. Desserts are for special occasions, 3. Plates must be “happy” at dinner (happy = empty).

Happy summer travels,


3 comments on “Travel time”

  1. My family enjoys snacking on dried seaweed (purchased at an Asian supermarket) while on the road. Nowadays general supermarkets may carry this item; I’m not sure though.


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