Don’t let being “broken” break you


Like I’ve said before, I have a very love/hate relationship with pull-ups, but little did I know they would do me in one day! I broke my foot. Doing pull-ups.

It was Sunday morning and all the signs were there telling me to take a rest day….tired, little one wet the bed, kids were already up, husband was hungry but I decided to put everything on hold and give a go at “running” Fran from the main site a few days back. Then, on round two…jumping down off the pull-up bar I caught the edge of the squat rack and took a hard fall. I jump down from that same bar every day and never noticed any potential hazards. Perhaps I was delirious from finally stringing together a bunch of kipping pull-ups (something that’s been on my homework goat list for a long time!) and flailed down to the ground!

My result was an avulsion fracture of the navicular bone. Basically, I chipped a piece of bone off the small disc shaped bone at the top of my foot. I have a sweet robot air cast for a few weeks so that piece of bone can find its way home, and a foot that looks like a sausage! First day I cried several times for no reason, but day two I got inspired by some injury stories on CrossFit forums and a great Kelly Starrett video about training through acute injuries. They are right: injuries are opportunities!

Some thoughts to ponder:

-Human growth hormone release aids in both muscle AND bone repair. You can boost yours by intense resistance workouts and deep sleep. My translation: scale and modify CrossFit workouts to fit my injury and go to sleep early.

-Endorphin release after intense workouts give your immune system a boost and just plain make you happy. Anyone suffering any injury-big or small or life in general- can certainly benefit from this!

-Continuing to train on your good side will result in crossover, especially in lower limbs.  Continuing to train on other parts of your body also promotes healing, keeps your entire system going, supports surrounding tissues and limbs, and reduces your chances of having future related injuries/pain.

-Taking the time to work on exercises that don’t always frequent your programming may even leave you better off than pre-injury. Try dumbbell work, L-sits, pistol squat progressions, wallball situps, knees to elbows….

-Keeping your diet clean and supplementing with fish oil will fight inflammation. Pair that with ice, elevation and a good night sleep at the end of the day and you are setting yourself up for success.

For those interested, I’ll be posting some of my daily WODS adjusted to fit in with my robot boot foot here. This week my focus is zero pressure on the bad foot. I am certainly nowhere near a physician or physical therapist and every injury is clearly different. I’m just doing what’s best for me! Take what you like, leave the rest here, listen to your body (and your doctor!) and do what is ultimately best for YOU!

Happy healing,


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7 comments on “Don’t let being “broken” break you”

  1. Thanks Heather!!! I was encouraged by your blog today! I too am “broken” and would love to hear what you are doing as WODs 🙂

    love, Amanda


  2. I love that you let nothing keep you down!

    I’m just imagining you doing those Jane Fonda’s, with your “robot foot” going up & down =).

    Tomorrow when I’m tired and thinking that I don’t need to do those extra squats, or one more set of kettle bells, I’ll remember you’re still going with a broken foot. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Thanks Heather! I love how you turned something bad that happened to you into something good! I was inspired by your blog and thought…”Of coarse…Heather would find a way to turn a broken foot into a way to help other people!” Thanks for your example! By the way, just like you discovered injuries are opportunities…I believe in general life’s problems, limitations, and challenges are all opportunities for growth, learning, and helping others! It is through these experiences we also experience moments of pure love and joy…so it’s not all bad. Thanks again for the encouragement and inspiration!!!


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