Easter and Spring treats


Holidays were a big thing in my family growing up. My amazing mom outdid herself on every holiday–big or small. I definitely followed in her footsteps and tend to go nuts for all special events. Here are a few fun ways to ring in Easter and Spring while sparing the kids from a couple of the Easter basket treat induced sugar roller coaster rides!

Great for an after school or post egg hunt snack! I used apples, strawberries, blueberries, cheese cut in circles, carrots, cucumber, and mini almonds but feel free to get creative with what you have on hand! You can even pre-cut everything and have your kids put together their own bunny!

Nut and dairy free version using apples, grapes, carrots, dried apricots, and cucumber!

Found these cuties in Family Fun magazine. My kids LOVED creating them today. Pair with the fruit bunny above and you’ve got a full breakfast or serve alone as a post egg hunt snack! I used hard-boiled eggs, red pepper, dried papaya, carrots, broccoli, and peppercorns.

This really is a low-mental energy craft/snack that the kids will enjoy and remember every year.  

Happy Spring,


9 comments on “Easter and Spring treats”

  1. love this idea. my kids absolutely LIVE for eating things that look like something else. also, a great way to make memories with them without having to use toxic foods. great post, heather!


  2. Thanks! They made their debut at middle daughter’s Pre-K class today. We got a few “I don’t like carrots, I don’t like cucumbers, what is that nose supposed to be” but overall a sweet and fun success 🙂


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