Quick “Lara” Balls


I love having primal snacks on hand for my children!  Ok, for myself too.  These little no-bakes are absolutely delicious as a dessert or snack.  Even though they  have no added sugar, my non-primal neighbor told me that they tasted like cookie dough!  Here is my go-to recipe for those of you who need exact measurements  🙂
I love dates for their mysteriously carmellicious flavor.

1 c pitted dates
1 c unsweetened coconut
2 c unsalted nuts of choice
(I use sunflower seeds and sliced almonds, they grind down very well)
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp vanilla extract
a few tbsp water

Place dates and coconut in food processor, blend until finely ground.  Add in the nuts, blend to an even texture.   Add salt and vanilla.  Blend until it begins to stick together.  You may have to add water by the tablespoonful to the mixer to get it to stick.

Form into small bite-sized balls.  (Kids with clean hands love helping on this part!) These are fantastic for the kids’ lunches, dessert, or as a portable energy source for you!


14 comments on “Quick “Lara” Balls”

  1. I have twin boys 14 months old and they have been eating lara bars since 11 months. I actually break the bars into little balls when I first gave it to them.

    How long will yours stay? Store them in the fridge?


    1. They keep in the fridge a good long while. I don’t think mine ever have lasted longer than 3 or 4 days because we eat them so quickly. But I would bet they would be good for a week. And if you needed more time, they would freeze well. I keep mine in a little ziplock tupperware with the lid sealed, so they don’t dry out. I love these for the little ones, because there is such a great balance between protein/carb/fat for them, and they do feel like they are getting a treat. My 20 month old actually calls them “cookies” which is fine with me! Thanks for reading!


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