I Have Good News and I Have Bad News.


The bad news is that excess glucose (sugar) in your blood will keep you fat and cause you a multitude of health inconveniences, if not outright diseases.   “Insulin sensitivity” may even become the new mainstream buzzword replacing “in shape” or “weight loss.”  What exactly does this mean in layman’s terms?  Blood sugar elevating food sources like bread, pasta, rice, grains, corn, all sugar, etc, will make your life dreadfully more difficult whether you need to lose weight, have more energy, heal numerous types of inflammation or autoimmune disorders, improve your mental wellness, or even increase your fertility.  Plain and simple: this stuff will try to kill you.

It is amazing to me that our health professionals can stand by the food guide pyramid, with its 6-11 grain servings–all converted to glucose in the blood–per DAY as the foundation for our diet.

Still, many people tell me they could never switch to eating clean because it is too hard.  You fear getting rid of sandwiches and crackers and pasta because you fear not being satisfied.  I understand that 3 oz. of chicken breast and some steamed broccoli is not going to satisfy anyone for a long period of time.  Let me offer you a nugget of truth that is rather freeing.  Fat doesn’t make you fat.

Every meal, you must make sure that you are eating healthy sources of fat (i.e. olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, etc) to sustain you until your next meal.  The crazy-cycle sin curve of the blood sugar highs and lows will go away as soon as you trustfully remove the sugar from your daily routine.  As your blood glucose and insulin levels recenter, you will find your energy levels and satiety very easy to attain, without excess calorie intake, 5-hour energy hits, or bingeing.

Lately, I’ve heard about people avoiding the primal diet for fear that their cholesterol would get too high.  (Because “conventional wisdom” tells us that eating animal protein and fat causes high cholesterol, so by extension, heart disease.)

Let me mitigate your fears and excuses with my good news!  Run-of-the-mill high cholesterol is a symptom, not a cause.  Unless you have a specific genetic cholesterol disease, eating foods that contain cholesterol will not cause atherosclerosis or heart disease.  Cholesterol is necessary for cellular health: it is essential for functions in cell membranes, aids in hormone and vitamin production, and improves nervous system function.  So, the culprit is not cholesterol itself.

Rather, chronic inflammation (caused by excess consumption of carbs and trans fats) in various areas of your body can cause cholesterol in your blood to accumulate in the arteries.  At the site of an inflammatory malady, the body uses cholesterol like a bandage to protect any lesions in the arteries.  When the inflammation goes away, that bandage goes away and healing is restored.  If inflammation becomes chronic, the “bandage” remains and can form a clot.

Don’t blame cholesterol, it is only trying to help!  The solution: reduce this inflammation that is created and exacerbated by a carbohydrate-centered diet.

Please take heart knowing that making the change to a clean, primal or paleo diet is not hard!  I leave you with a visual aid I found a few months ago that helps to decipher your food choices when you are at an impasse.  I hope it helps.  We are here to help you with ideas, information, and inspiration.  Make the best choice for you and your family.  You won’t look back.

Enjoy your journey!


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8 comments on “I Have Good News and I Have Bad News.”

  1. Well put, Leigh! I love researching areas of this amazing lifestyle, it just reels you in more and helps you to never want to look back! I love the quote from Dr. Barry Sears…”If I want to have an al Qaida battle plan How to Destroy Health Care of America, the USDA food pyramid there would be exactly that. I can think of nothing that would accelerate the development of silent inflammation faster.”


    1. Thanks Heather. Great quotation. I hope that people really begin to see that its not about deprivation or “dieting” but about wellness. I want everyone to know what feeling good is supposed to feel like… With regards to the cholesterol issue, when you start digging you find that cholesterol is a very complex subject. I just wanted to give a rough sketch of what goes on in the average joe…


      1. Thank Leigh!! I always enjoy reading the research you have done!! I have to admit that I am one of the … “will it affect my cholesterol”??! Thank you for the reassurance that it wont! I am one that is predesposed to the cholesterol gene… but, I do have to add for other skeptics out there… increasing that healthy oils/fats and increasing that protiens and fruits veggies (pretty much “clean” eating) I have lowered and maintained my cholesterol to a healthy range 🙂 and that was after the doctor just wanted to stick me on a pill to lower it (she said so it didn’t have to interfere with what I wanted to eat!!) I said, no thank you, if something is raising it, it’s probably not good for me to be eating!! 🙂

        Anyways… Thanks again for your knowledge and research!


      2. Wonderful testimony. I bet if you took it a step further, and purposed to lower your inflammatory food consumption (grains/sugars/legumes) that your cholesterol levels would drop even further! Good luck on your honing in on your health! Thanks for the feedback!


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