Our first interview


Check out our very first interview HERE on Erika Liodice’s motivational blog, Beyond the Gray. Erika is an accomplished blogger and newly published novelist (not to mention, a life long friend of mine!) who seeks to help people identify, acknowledge, and nurture their dreams so they can move beyond their gray and into an inspired life!

We are all chasing or  moving towards some type of dream. Whether that dream is to eat cleaner, workout more, write a book, be the best mom or wife you can be, or reach a new 1 rep max in your dead-lift, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Take a leap today, get inspired, and move towards your dream!



5 comments on “Our first interview”

  1. What a great interview ladies!!! Loved hearing again why and how you came to primal living!! Again very encouraging… 🙂


  2. I absolutely believe that anyone can do CrossFit or similar fitness regimens because the movements and workouts are infinitely scalable. For example, if a workout contained pull-ups the progression would be ring rows, pull-ups with a resistance band or jumping pull-ups, and eventually pull-ups. Everyone’s fitness needs are the same (young, old, “in-shape”, overweight) but they just vary by degree. A good gym will have a beginner’s ON-RAMP program to introduce you to the foundational movements and assess where you are. In the beginner’s program I went through there was a gentlemen with a weight-lifting background, a 16-year old water polo player, a new mom trying to get back on the fitness bandwagon, a college girl trying something new and me—somewhere in-between everything!

    This article is inspiring and truly captures the fact that CrossFit type programs can benefit everyone:

    Click to access 26_04_CrossFit_Grandma.pdf

    Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Fitness program is also another great reference/tool. Tyler and I used his program for a while before exploring CrossFit.


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