Get off the Hamster Wheel!


Are you stuck in a rut?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results.”  –Albert Einstein

Hmm.  This has been my story on so many different levels, during various seasons of my life.  I have been in ruts in many areas: exercise, food habits, friendships, parenting, etc.  It turns out that I easily become a slave to my easy/lazy habits, almost mindlessly going through the same motions over and over–just, hoping something will change.

I have found out something about hoping.  It doesn’t change anything in the here and now.  It is an emotion, it just nags.  It is exhausting.   It has no direct effect on our results.  Then we feel bad about ourselves, carry guilt, or  even become desperate.

Think about the rut, then find an area you can make a specific change.  Just one.   We have this mindset that if we cannot have it all fixed at once, then why bother?  In fact, small changes will impact your goals very quickly.  A very, tiny, modest amount of discipline goes a long way.  This is true for doing pull-ups, eating vegetables, spending habits, doting on our spouse and children, and even improving spiritual strength.

What does this look like in the real world?  Regarding exercise, make one change to your routine.  Just one.  If it is food, renovate one meal in your day.  Just one.  If it is in your relationships or parenting, look around, and take one step in a different direction that day.  Read just a few verses of scripture.

There is a lie going around that keeps us from change:  the change would be impractically difficult, because there is just way too much to do to make any difference.  Another lie:  you must have it ALL together… perfect success, right here, right now.  That, friends, is the insanity.

Don’t let the mountain intimidate you.  Maybe it is very large or steep, even dangerous.  But you don’t climb a mountain in one giant leap.  You take one step in the right direction.  What is your one step?

Enjoy the journey,

6 comments on “Get off the Hamster Wheel!”

  1. What an inspiring post! Now I just have to figure out which one thing, in my mountain of things that need some serious tweaking, to focus on. Thanks!


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