to do pull-ups, you must do pull-ups.


My husband and I did a WOD today that I will forever deem the “forearm thrasher,” that is if I have the courage to incorporate it in our programming again!  It was one of those unexpectedly hard ones that at first glance you say “that shouldn’t be too bad” and then halfway through you wonder how you could  have ever thought that. A long, slow, and nagging hurt.

20min AMRAP

9 pull-ups
12 push press (95/65)
75m farmers walk (1.5 pood/1 pood each hand)

The first pull-ups went off without a hitch but after the first farmers walk I wondered how I’d grip the bar for the rest of the 18 minutes. My kipping pull-ups need work and spending more time gripping the bar than I had to today was not an option. I ended up doing an interesting combo of muscling through dead hang pull-ups and stringing 2-3 kipping pull-ups in between to get it done. After it was all over my forearms felt as if they going to burst through my skin.

I was humbled by the pull-up bar today but quickly reminded by my dear husband of a vital piece of information that I was forgetting: 18 months ago I could not do one single solitary pull-up. You see, me and the pull-up have quite the relationship, which is why I now practice them any chance I get. I couldn’t finish my application to the Air Force Academy because I couldn’t do the 1 pull-up required for the physical. I spent years doing lat pull downs and every other isolation exercise doomed to get you nowhere fast, always telling myself I couldn’t do pull-ups because “my shoulder feels like it’s going to dislocate.”  I went through 2 cycles of P90X doing chair assisted pull-ups. Do you think I could do 1 single pull-up on  my own after it was all done? Not even close.

That brings me to present day and 18 glorious months of  Primal Blueprint fitness and CrossFit that finally lead me to the pull-up. I went from the purple band to the red band, to un-assisted, plateaued at 5 dead-hang pull-ups for a while, incorporated the Armstrong Pull-Up Program and made another huge leap. Now it seems I can’t pass any type of bar without a quick practice set. Pull-ups will forever have a special place in my heart and I will forever strive for more. That being said…let go of fear, let go of excuses, most importantly let go of lat pull downs at the gym, and start your pull-up adventure today!

My best,

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